Release of Eudricompost

The department of Zoology at St Aloysius College released a product of vermicompost named Eudricompost on 25th June, 2019 at the vermicomposting unit of the college.

The rector of St. Aloysius institutions Rev.Fr Dionysius Vas SJ , principal Rev Fr Praveen Martis, finance officer Rev Fr Vincent Pinto SJ, Former head of the department Ms.Precilla D’Silva and the director of Xavier block Dr.John D’Silva were the dignitaries.

Rev Fr Dionysius Vas SJ released the first harvest of the vermicompost unit. He emphasized on the need to be sensitive towards nature and work towards conservation of our natural resources. Rev Fr Praveen Martis encouraged students to actively participate in environment related activities. Ms Precilla D’Silva stressed on the need to inculcate scientific temper in students and keenly observe nature.

The Heads of the departments of biological sciences, faculty members and students were present on this occasion.